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Fast-Track Workshop: The Ultimate Calendaring + Productivity System for Time Management + Work-Life Balance

Fast-Track Workshop: The Ultimate Calendaring + Productivity System for Time Management + Work-Life Balance

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Reclaim Your Time: Master Work-Life Balance with The Ultimate Calendaring Productivity System

Do you often feel overwhelmed by a chaotic schedule? Or feel that your personal time is continuously invaded by professional commitments (or everyone else's "emergencies")?

Transform these challenges into opportunities with The Ultimate Calendaring Tool for Time Management + Work-Life Balance. This innovative workshop has been designed to empower you, helping you control your schedule, prioritize your tasks, and optimize your work-life balance. It's not just another planner; it's a comprehensive system created to make you the master of your time. And the best part? It's truly built for women who prioritize self-care, wellbeing and showing up as the best version of themselves. 


  1. Effective Time Management: Understand the principles of time management, learn to prioritize tasks, and organize your schedule in a way that promotes productivity and peace of mind.
  2. Work-Life Balance Strategies: Discover techniques and practices that enable you to strike a healthy balance between your work and personal life.
  3. Productivity Hacks: Gain access to proven hacks that help increase productivity without causing stress or burnout.


  1. Video Workshop Training - Creating White Space: This comprehensive training will guide you on how to eliminate clutter from your schedule, helping you focus on what truly matters. It empowers you to create the 'white space' needed for self-care, relaxation and creative thinking BEFORE you do anything else.

  2. Video Workshop Training - Planning Power Hour: In this training, you will learn and adopt a weekly calendaring habit called "Planning Power Hour". This routine ensures you always prioritize the most important tasks in your schedule, allowing you to confidently let go of lesser tasks without feeling guilty using our proprietary Success with Soul Matrix (it's like the Eisenhower Matrix's cooler, more feminine cousin). 

  3. Community Support: Access to a supportive and dynamic community of like-minded individuals. Share ideas, ask questions, and find encouragement as you learn and apply these new skills.


  1. Is this compatible with my device? The Ultimate Calendaring Tool is a platform-agnostic digital tool compatible with most devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers, though we do recommend using Google Calendar (it's free). 
  2. I'm new to calendaring. Is this suitable for beginners? Absolutely! This productivity system has been designed with simplicity in mind and comes with a detailed guide to get you started.
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