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Media Kit One-Sheet: Done For You!

Media Kit One-Sheet: Done For You!

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Media One-Sheet Creation for Pitch-Perfect Success!

Are you ready to level up your pitches and make a lasting impression in the media world? Are you wanting more PR for you and your business?

Look no further! We've got just the thing for you – our Media One-Sheet Creation service! Get ready to shine like a superstar with a stunning media sheet that showcases all the essential details about you and your brand, and creates a professional and visually pleasing impression that will be sure to help you stand out!

With our expertise, we'll create a media one-sheet for you that will set you apart from the competition and help you stand out (so you'll get booked for even more PR opportunities! 


Our media sheet is all about highlighting your brilliance and presenting your uniqueness to the world! It will include the following elements (sections below dependent on your expertise and experience): 

🌟 Your Brand Story: We'll add a compelling narrative (provided by you) which showcases your journey, passion, and unique selling points, creating an emotional connection with your audience.

🌟 Eye Catching Visuals: Prepare to dazzle with eye-catching visuals that reflect your brand's essence, featuring high-resolution images and captivating graphics.

🌟 Key Accomplishments: We'll showcase your most impressive accomplishments and achievements, making sure your talent and expertise take the spotlight.

🌟 Media Coverage: If you've received any media love, we'll proudly display it, lending further credibility to your brand.

🌟 Testimonials: Nothing speaks louder than happy clients or fans! We'll include glowing testimonials that reinforce your credibility and trustworthiness.

🌟 Contact Information: We'll make sure your media sheet ends with a bang by providing clear contact details, making it effortless for the media to reach out to you.


  • 1x Canva-Designed Media One-Sheet
  • 1x round of revision (Loom feedback is required!)


  • Do I need Canva Pro for this? Not necessarily. But you would be able to maximize Canva's features with a Pro account and it's highly recommended. Click here to start your free trial.
  • What do I need to prepare for this service? You will need to prepare the following: 
    • Loom Walkthrough Video of preferences, thoughts, concerns, directions, and/or inspirations of how you envision your media kit to look like.
    • Canva Access
    • Links to where you were previously featured, if any. Please provide the logos of the shows/programs you were featured in.
    • Branding Elements (Logo Files, Colors, Fonts + Font Files, Design Elements etc.)
    • Branding Photos
  • How Does the Process Work? 
    • Accomplish Your Intake Form: We'll begin this project with an intake form where we'll gather all the essential details about you and your brand.
    • Design Mode: Our design guru will work their wizardry to create a captivating media sheet that captures the essence of your brand.
    • Feedback and Revisions: Your input is essential, and we'll work closely together to ensure the media sheet aligns flawlessly with your vision (1 round of revision included. Additional rounds of revisions can be purchased separately) 
    • Final Reveal: Ta-da! Prepare to be wowed as we present your dazzling media sheet, ready to catapult your pitches to new heights!
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