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Simple + Sustainable SEO: Get Your Ideal Clients to Find You Without Social Media

Simple + Sustainable SEO: Get Your Ideal Clients to Find You Without Social Media

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Break Free from the Social Media Hamster Wheel: Attract Your Dream Clients with SEO + Organic Traffic

Listen, we've all been there—chained to the never-ending cycle of Instagram posts, praying your reels will somehow land on your ideal clients feeds and stop their scroll (good luck!). How's that working out for you?

It's time to say goodbye to that ineffective, unenjoyable hamster wheel and hustle culture and hello to the most comprehensive program for scaling your website's traffic + income with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the most sustainable strategy for long-term visibility with minimal effort (and wayyyyy less time!).

This course is your blueprint to stepping into your power as a no-nonsense entrepreneur who lets clients come to them. No more forcing, just allowing! We're simplifying the game for you, turning you into an SEO powerhouse who's all about attraction not promotion. 

If SEO has felt like a cryptic, unsolvable puzzle that's way too tech-heavy, fear not. The simple strategies we teach in this course will enable you to effortlessly generate leads. This comprehensive course is designed to empower you, taking you from confusion to control, transforming your website into an SEO-powered lead magnet. 

I should know--I started my blog from scratch and built it to $25k/month with over 150,000 monthly pageviews from search traffic (that's Google!). After selling it for multiple six-figures I took what I learned about generating organic traffic and applied it to Success with Soul, a million-dollar business with over 80% of our revenue coming from organic search. No social media required! I've put everything I know about SEO into this deep-dive course 

This isn't just a course; it's your ticket to liberation—from social media, from overwhelm, from the never-ending hustle. Time to take action, future SEO queen! 👑💪


  1. Become an SEO Master: Unlock the secrets of SEO that most gurus overcomplicate, and get your website ranking so high.
  2. Automate Your Organic Traffic: Set up your website like a well-oiled machine that works 24/7 to bring you clients. Stop trading time for money and start earning in your sleep.
  3. Ditch the Social Media Addiction: Learn strategies that allow you to take back your time and focus on what truly matters—like actually running your business, or maybe even a Netflix binge (no judgment here).


  1. 13 In-Depth Lessons with Step-by-Step Tutorials: Forget fluffy content. Get actionable steps that you can implement right away. Lessons include:
    1. SEO 101: Cut through the BS. This is everything you actually need to know about SEO.
    2. Keyword Research: Stop guessing. Learn how to pick high-performing keywords that will put your content on the map.
    3. Pillar Pages + Content Clusters: Build a virtual spiderweb of killer content that not only captivates your audience but also makes Google give you all the heart eyes. 😍
    4. EE-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust. In our new AI world, showing Google you're more than a pretty face (or a robot!) is one of the most important ranking factors! 
    5. Content Calendars + Systems: Don't wing it. Be strategic, be organized, and watch your traffic soar.
    6. Updating Old Content: Turn yesterday's effort into today's profit. Recycle and refresh content for optimization! ♻️
    7. SEO + Schema: Speak Google's love language. Add Schema markup so that Google knows you're the real deal.
    8. Google Analytics + Traffic Tutorials: Numbers don't lie. Learn to interpret them and pivot like a pro.
    9. SEO + Yoast: How to use this free Wordpress plug-in to optimize every blog post and your entire website as a whole!
    10. Approach Your Content Like a Journalist: Make every word count and resonate with your audience—credibility, here you come!
    11. 25 Ideas for Content Marketing: Never face writer's block again. Here's a buffet of content ideas to feed your audience's insatiable hunger.
    12. Build Your Business Without Social Media: Drop the social media shackles and discover alternative pathways to free growth in way less time!
    13. 11 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website: Because putting all your eggs in one basket is for amateurs.
    1. SEO Checklist for Every Blog Post: This is your SEO lifeline. Print it, stick it, follow it.
    2. WordPress Style Guide Template: Make systemizing blog posts and updating old ones for maximum optimization a breeze.
    3. SEO + Podcasting: Guest expert Bjork Ostrom from Food Blogger Pro spills the tea on how to start and grow a podcast alongside your blog.
  3. Comprehensive SEO Plan: Walk away with a detailed SEO and organic marketing strategy putting your lead generation on autopilot, no social media required (ever again! seriously!). 


  1. Do I need any prior knowledge of SEO? No prior knowledge is needed. The course is designed to simplify what is often a complex and overwhelming topic. We break down SEO into easy-to-understand, actionable steps, ensuring you grasp not only the 'what' but also the 'how' and 'why.' You'll come away with a clear and straightforward plan, even if SEO is entirely new to you.
  2. How soon will I see results? SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. But you'll be lacing up those metaphorical running shoes the right way from the get-go. And with the right strategy, it's possible to start ranking on Google within 3 to 6 months. Trust the process!
  3. Can I really quit social media? Girl, with this course, you won't even remember what an Instagram is. I quit social media in 2021 and my business grew by 135% thanks to SEO! 
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