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Profitable Offer Outline: The Ultimate Planner for Being Launch Ready with Any New Offer

Profitable Offer Outline: The Ultimate Planner for Being Launch Ready with Any New Offer

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Propel Your Launch With Confidence, Ease, and Clarity with Our Comprehensive Template

Your secret weapon to a streamlined, successful launch of your first or next coaching or course offer is here. The Offer Outline Template is meticulously crafted to provide you with a structured, easy-to-follow framework that addresses every critical element of your offer. No more second-guessing or anxiety-filled launches. We’ve got you covered, from identifying your ideal customer avatar and pain points, to detailing program logistics and nailing that compelling one-sentence elevator pitch. This resource is all about giving you the ease, confidence, and clarity you need for an impactful launch.

With the Offer Outline Template, planning and launching your offer becomes an exciting, streamlined process, leading to improved results and a better connection with your audience. Leverage this tool to say goodbye to overwhelming launches and hello to successful outcomes.


  • All of the tiny little decisions you have to make about your offer that create a BIG impact, all in one place
  • What it really takes to get an offer launched and out into the world
  • How to define the transformation and results your offer delivers


  • Comprehensive template and guide on detailing your program: price, length, format, included elements, onboarding & offboarding, milestones, bonuses, and founding member specials included, among other key details. 


  • Is the template specific to any niche or can anyone use it?
    Anyone, regardless of their niche, can use this template as it provides a general framework that can be applied to any type of offer, whether it's a course, membership, 1:1 or group coaching, VIP Day or more!
  • Do I need any specific software to use the template?
    Yes, you'll need Google Docs (it's free).
  • What if I'm launching for the first time? Is this template suitable for me?Absolutely! This template is designed to be particularly beneficial for first-timers as it provides a thorough guideline to help you cover all aspects of launching an offer. But we personally use it in our business every single time we launch something new to ensure we don't overlook any details. 
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