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Messaging Made Easy: Stress-Free Copywriting for Entrepreneurs who Hate Being Salesy

Messaging Made Easy: Stress-Free Copywriting for Entrepreneurs who Hate Being Salesy

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Craft Copy That Feels Like Conversation

Ditch the dread of pushy sales tactics with Messaging Made Easy! This course empowers you to write with authenticity and ease, turning your fear of copywriting into a passion for storytelling. Ideal for entrepreneurs who crave genuine connection over salesy scripts. Your voice, your brand, your way. ✨


• Messaging + Copywriting: Master the basics of crafting engaging and effective copy.
• Magnetic Messaging Map: Develop a clear plan to communicate your core message.
• Ethical Persuasion: Learn persuasion techniques that feel good and respect your audience.
• Compassionate Copy with Kelsey Formost: Create kind and impactful copy that connects.
• Intuitive Writing with Jacq Fisch: Tap into your natural writing style and ease the process.
• 5 Personality Pillars with Zafira Rajan: Leverage personality science to enhance your message.
• Non-Salesy Sales with Katy Prince: Sell with sincerity and success without the sleaze.
• Storytelling in Emails with Tarzan Kay: Engage your audience through powerful narratives.
• Copywriting with ChatGPT: Harness AI to streamline your writing process and boost creativity.


• Comprehensive Video Lessons: Engaging, detailed tutorials from top industry experts.
• Downloadable Templates: Kickstart your writing with ready-to-use templates.
• Exclusive Member Community: Collaborate, get feedback, and share insights with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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