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Fast-Track Workshop: Magnetic Messaging Map + Ethical Marketing

Fast-Track Workshop: Magnetic Messaging Map + Ethical Marketing

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Discover the magic of combining soul with strategy and leave behind pushy, manipulative marketing tactics. With Kate's ethical persuasion strategies, you will build an audience that truly believes in the value you offer and is excited to invest in your services. This is marketing that feels good — because it genuinely is.

Perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses struggling with crafting compelling messages, this workshop will teach you how to use ethical, compassionate, and persuasive marketing techniques that resonate with your target audience and achieve real results. Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and hello to clear, powerful marketing messages that authentically represent your brand, connect deeply with your audience, and drive sales.


  1. How to articulate your unique brand identity and leverage it for compelling marketing messaging
  2. Techniques to deeply understand your ideal client, their decision-making process, and how to communicate with them effectively
  3. The art of crafting persuasive copy that inspires action and sells your offers
  4. How to clearly communicate the transformation you offer to your soulmate clients
  5. Methods to define your unique value proposition and stand out from the crowd
  6. Techniques to address common customer hesitations and effectively handle price objections
  7. Strategies to analyze, optimize, and continually improve your messaging for increasing conversion rates


  1. Video Training Workshop Replay + with Q&A included
  2. A comprehensive framework to develop your magnetic marketing messaging

❓ FAQs

  1. Who is this workshop for? This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone struggling to craft clear and compelling messages that connect with their target audience and drive sales.

  2. What if I can't attend the live workshop? No worries! Your purchase includes a replay of the workshop that you can watch at your convenience, plus a Live Q&A session for all your questions.

  3. What if I am afraid of narrowing down my niche? The workshop will guide you on how to identify your soulmate clients without feeling like you're excluding potential customers. Remember, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

  4. Is this product included within another product? Yes! You can access the MMM (along with dozens of other resources) inside the Success with Soul Incubator mastermind and self-study course

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