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Kartra Weekly Newsletter Set-Up: Done For You!

Kartra Weekly Newsletter Set-Up: Done For You!

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Tech Troubles Be Gone with Kartra Weekly Newsletter Set-Up: Done For You!

Keep your audience engaged without the tech stress with our Kartra Weekly Newsletter Set-Up service. Jayce, our amazing operations and tech managerat Team KK, is here to rescue you from newsletter setup nightmares, offering you a replicable weekly newsletter setup in Kartra. You'll receive personalized headers, created from your logos and graphics, all editable in Canva. Plus, we'll guide you through selecting recipients, scheduling your newsletter, and saving your template for future use. Please note: a link to a previously written newsletter copy is required for this service.


  • Efficient Newsletter Creation: Master the process of creating engaging newsletters on a regular basis.
  • Recipient Management: Learn how to choose the right recipients for each of your newsletters.
  • Newsletter Scheduling: Discover the best practices for scheduling your newsletters to maintain constant engagement with your audience.


  • Weekly Newsletter Broadcast Template: Kickstart your weekly newsletters with a ready-to-use broadcast template.
  • Customizable Email Header and Footer Templates: Personalize your newsletters with Canva-editable headers and footers designed from your logos/graphics.
  • CTA Box Template: A call-to-action section template to drive conversions.
  • 1 round of revision to ensure everything aligns with your vision and standards.

ā“ FAQs

  • What do I need to prepare for this service? You'll need to provide a sample copy of your weekly newsletter for layout, your branding guide, branding photos, and access to Kartra and Canva.
  • Do I need to have my Kartra account fully set up? Yes, you should have your Kartra account fully set up with basic settings like domain/subdomain, email gateway, payment method, etc.
  • Can I customize the headers and footers? Absolutely! We will provide you with Canva templates for headers and footers that you can customize to fit your brand style.
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