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Evergreen Funnel Formula: A Blueprint for Automated Profit

Evergreen Funnel Formula: A Blueprint for Automated Profit

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Unlock 24/7 Revenue with Evergreen Funnels + Email Marketing

Struggling to make consistent sales without burning out? Say hello to your new best friend—our course, Evergreen Funnel Formula: A Blueprint for Automated, Passive Profit.

If you're tired of the grind and hustle of live launching, this will turn your business into a money-making machine that works while you rest. It's like hiring a sales team that never sleeps, and guess what? No commissions! Discover how to leverage your time, make more money, and build trust on autopilot. It's the most efficient, effective, and—dare we say—kind way to sell.

This course walks you through the 6 most popular and profitable funnel types, including:

  1. Welcome Funnel
  2. Tripwire Funnel
  3. SLO Funnel
  4. Application Funnel
  5. Abandoned Cart Funnel
  6. Buyers Nurture Funnel

complete with instructions for how to do bump offers, upsells, downsells and cross-sells! 


  • The Power of Evergreen Funnels: How to create an automated system that converts subscribers into sales on auto-pilot—every single day of the year.
  • Evergreen vs. Live Launch: The difference between being evergreen, live launching only, and using evergreen funnels, the best of both worlds. It'll make your work-life balance a reality!
  • Trust Building Mechanics: How an evergreen funnel nurtures your audience till they’re ready to hit that 'Buy Now' button.
  • Authentic Scarcity + Urgency: You know you don't want to use fake timers and bro-marketing gimmicks, but you also know human nature: if we don’t have to make a decision, we’ll keep adding it to tomorrow's to-do list. Your evergreen funnel has to compel action. Learn how to create real urgency, authentically and in integrity so you can help your clients get off the fence in a way that feels good to you both. 
  • Metrics & KPIs: How to measure what matters and optimize your funnel after testing for peak performance.


  • SWIPE: Kate's Evergreen Funnels: A complete, done-for-you funnel model. With one click you can upload 3 of Kate's most profitable funnels into Kartra and plug-and-play your copy to get your funnel up and running in a fraction of the time! These are the same funnels that have earned me over $50k/mon! 
  • Relaunch Magic: What happens after someone goes through your funnel once but doesn't buy? Enter Relaunch Magic. Kate has teamed up with Funnel Expert Jacques Hopkins to share an innovative system called Relaunch Magic, where everyone on your list gets re-launched to once a quarter, all on their own timeline. 
  • Tech Tutorials: We'll walk you through step-by-step how to set up every piece of your funnel with video tutorials, complete with Key Software Recommendations. 
  • Visual Workflows: Crafting your evergreen funnel map like a pro. Sometimes you just need to see everything laid out to really understand the complete buyer's journey. We've got tools to help you visualize the entire process! 
  • 30-Day Free Trial to Kartra: Test drive the platform that powers Kate's evergreen success, and soon-to-be-yours! Note: Kartra is not required and this system will work with any email service provider that has automations. 


  • Is this for newbies? Yes and no. While we've had dozens of newbies go through this material to set up their evergreen funnels inside the Incubator, you do need to have an offer to sell in order to have a funnel. So if you haven't created your first offer yet, we recommend you start here

  • What tech do I need? At a minimum, you need to have an email service provider. We recommend Kartra, but you aren't required to use that. If you want to import Kate's funnel, Kartra is required, otherwise this course is tech agnostic and can work with any provider, like ActiveCampaign, Flodesk, etc. We provide tech tutorials for Kartra, and there is an optional software called Deadline Funnel, which we also provide tech tutorials for to help you set your funnel up correctly. It's not necessary however. Don't worry, if you have any questions, we'll answer them for you in the VIP Soul Circle community and we'll even add extra tech tutorials to the course when you get stuck. You'll never be left in the dark!

  • Can I combine live and evergreen strategies? Of course! Our approach is never one-size-fits all. We'll show you how to create a hybrid marketing strategy where your evergreen funnels are running in the background and you can throw in live launches for momentum and energy when desired (or not!). 

  • Do I have to use paid ads? Nope, we teach both organic and paid traffic methods. And in fact, 80% of Kate's evergreen sales came from organic traffic. If you want to run ads to send cold traffic through your funnel, that's totally an option, but not required. 

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