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Day of Voxer Coaching

Day of Voxer Coaching

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Experience the Magic of a Personalized Business Strategy with Day of Voxer Coaching

So, you know how navigating this whole business thing can be like trying to put Ikea furniture together without instructions sometimes?

Well… did you know a Harvard Business Review study found that CEOs with mentors avoid costly mistakes and are more efficient? AND industry research shows businesses leveraging on-demand consulting can achieve their goals 35% faster?

If you’ve ever wished for a business fairy godmother to bibbidi-bobbidi-boop 🪄 your worries away, this one’s for you. I'm rolling out the red carpet for our brand 'Day of Voxer' service – it’s like your very own pocket-sized strategist!

With Voxer (it’s just a free walkie-talkie app), you'll be blown away by the results you can achieve in just a few messages.

⏰ within 24 hours, you go from feeling overwhelmed to owning a crystal-clear, laser-focused, actionable plan, without another tedious webinar

💡 bypass hours spent brainstorming alone with a sustainable growth strategy rooted in data 

🤔 reduce those ‘head-scratching-what-do-I-do-next’ moments and cut your decision-making time by 150% with a solution that’s tailored uniquely to you, every strategy specifically curated to your circumstances and values. No more one-size-fits-all solutions!


⭐ Your Day of Voxer VIP treatment will run from 9am to 5pm EST. Doesn't matter where you're at in this wide world, we'll make sure you get a good few hours of quality chat time. It’s like having unlimited free refills of clarity and focus, all day long, without the hassle of setting up lengthy calls or meetings or waiting around for email responses. You get answers when you need them, helping you move forward faster.

⭐ We'll dive into anything that's got you tied in knots - be it your next launch, irresistible offer, pricing, how to set boundaries with clients who've overstayed their welcome, email marketing, SEO, funnels, quitting social media, honing your magnetic messaging, or anything else under the sun.

⭐ You can shoot me a voice or text message (I'll be sending you both!). Our clients love the practical ways we approach challenges, and you can even re-listen to our convos when you need pep talks in the future.

⭐ Confused? Overwhelmed? Pfft... those words won’t be in your vocabulary anymore. In our thought-provoking Voxer support, we're not afraid to ask the tough questions that will make you reflect on areas you may not have considered before.


✅ Need help deciding which tasks to prioritize and often feel like you’re juggling too many balls and are unsure of your next steps.
✅ Have a great idea but need help turning it into a viable business model.
✅ Struggle with moving your business to the next level without working more hours (i.e. need some scalable, sustainable marketing strategies that don’t require you to show up on social media every day)
✅ Need help figuring out how to streamline your operations, create systems and grow a team.
✅ Wish you had a team or partner to bounce ideas off of to gain perspective and make more strategic decisions
✅ Feel stuck, uninspired or want to rekindle your passion for your business, maybe due to struggling to keep up with industry changes in or an unstable economy.
✅ Dealing with a difficult client and need help setting boundaries and expectations.
✅ Want to optimize your SEO, email marketing, or sales funnel and need guidance on specific aspects of your business that can drive customer acquisition and retention.


  1. How do I access the Voxer coaching? After making your payment and booking your day, we'll provide all necessary guidance on setting up and using Voxer.
  2. What if I need more coaching? If you find the 'Day of Voxer' coaching extremely beneficial and wish for further support, we can discuss additional arrangements.
  3. What if I have a non-business related question? Our coaching is versatile and adapted to your needs, so we're open to discussing a range of topics that impact your business success.
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