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ClickUp Plug n' Play Template: Visibility Pipeline

ClickUp Plug n' Play Template: Visibility Pipeline

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Get Featured on Podcasts + in the Media with our ClickUp Plug n' Play Template: Visibility Pipeline

Staying organized and on top of your PR efforts can be a major challenge, but our ClickUp Plug n' Play Visibility Pipeline Template is here to turn that struggle into a success story. This dynamic template is your ultimate command center for tracking key information, assets, and workflows to elevate your media presence and personal brand. Get ready for less stress, more focus, and a significant boost in your brand's exposure.

In the dynamic world of media appearances and guest speaking opportunities, organization is critical. Between reaching out to podcasts, planning interviews, and tracking your own personal branding materials, things can quickly become overwhelming. But with our template, you have a structured system that keeps everything in check, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on creating impact and expanding your reach.


  • How to use our Visibility Pipeline Template in ClickUp to effectively manage your outreach, pitches, and scheduling.
  • The best strategies to handle rejection or follow-up needs, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.
  • How to integrate your personal brand assets like media kits, bios, and photos into your visibility workflow for easy access and application.


  • A comprehensive ClickUp Visibility Pipeline Template that includes a list view, board view, and calendar view.
  • A structured workflow to track your visibility journey from pitch to published (and the 5 steps in between!), with critical information for each phase.
  • A system to manage key personal brand assets such as your media kit, pitch template, bios, branding photos, and past media features.

❓ FAQs

  1. Do I need to be a ClickUp user to use this template?
    Yes, you'll need to have a ClickUp account to use this template. If you're not a user yet, ClickUp offers a free version you can start with.

  2. Can I use this template for different kinds of events or speakers?
    Yes! This template is versatile and can be adapted to any event where you have guest speakers, whether it's a podcast episode, a live webinar, a group coaching session, or even a live event.

  3. I'm not tech-savvy. Is this template easy to set up?
    Absolutely! We've made this template as user-friendly as possible, and we also provide a detailed guide and video tutorial to help you with the setup.

  4. Can I customize this template to fit my business needs?
    Yes! This template is fully customizable. You can add, delete, or modify any part of it to suit your specific business needs.

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