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Fast-Track Workshop: Astrology 101: The Four Elements for Women Entrepreneurs

Fast-Track Workshop: Astrology 101: The Four Elements for Women Entrepreneurs

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Discover Your Inner Element: 🌟 Embrace the Magic of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water Within YOU

You've likely read your horoscope before, maybe you know your sign (I'm a Libra, for example) but beyond that does it all just feel like woo woo mumbo jumbo? And yet, there's a part of you that feels like if you could better understand yourself, you could make more progress towards your goals, right? 

Enter this Astrology 101 workshop: Guided by Indira Shakti, Team KK's resident Certified Astrologer, this transformative workshop will explain the Four Elements of Astrology and how you can practically weave yours into your daily life and harness them in your business journey:

  • Fire's passion: Ignite creativity, motivation, and drive.
  • Earth's stability: Build a solid business foundation and planning.
  • Air's intellect: Enhance communication, marketing, and decision-making.
  • Water's emotion: Foster connections with clients and colleagues, improving customer relationships.

This isn't just spiritual jargon; it's about understanding who you are at your core as a business owner and how you interact with the world around you. This Personalized Elemental Guide provides you with tailored business strategies based on your unique astrological profile.

Say goodbye to Zodiac confusion and generic horoscopes! Astrology can feel overwhelming, but we simplify it, breaking it down in a way that resonates specifically with women entrepreneurs so you can understand the what, the why, and how it all applies to you. 

You can unlock the secrets of the stars in just one weekend and skyrocket your spiritual connection by up to 70%, not to mention your business success. Feel a renewed sense of empowerment and connection to the universe and learn how to align your schedule with the stars! 

  • Empower your Decision Making: Recognize the elemental traits in others to foster empathy, effective communication, and stronger business relationships.
  • Enhance Your Marketing Strategy: Apply astrological insights to target your ideal audience, refine your messaging, and stand out in the marketplace.
  • Balance Work-Life Harmony: Align your personal elemental connection with your professional goals for a more harmonized and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.
  • Build Resilience + Confidence: Embrace the cosmic connection to overcome challenges and imposter syndrome, inspiring a new wave of self-confidence and resilience.

This workshop is not just a course; it's a path to understanding yourself and the universe like never before. It might put you on the Fast Track, but it's far from a temporary fix; it's a lifelong journey into yourself. Join today, and embrace the magic within you, taking the first step towards a more enlightened, confident, and authentic you.

P.S.  You can book 1:1 Astrology coaching with Indira to go even deeper! 


  • Understand Your Elemental Connection: Gain clarity about your unique elemental alignment, allowing you to make decisions that resonate with your true self, be it for improved negotiations and business partnerships, or at home.
  • Navigate Relationships with Insight: This wisdom isn't just about personal transformation; it's a generational shift, a means to connect on a cosmic level. Recognize the elemental traits in others, fostering empathy, effective communication, and stronger connections with friends, family, and partners. Imagine the impact on your relationships and even your children's understanding of themselves!
  • Integrate Cosmic Wisdom into Daily Life: Apply astrological insights to your career, health, and personal development, moving beyond superficial guidance to profound, actionable strategies.


  • Personalized Elemental Guide: Tailored insights based on your unique elemental profile.
  • Access to Exclusive Video Training: Dive deep with this integrative video workshop, complete with journaling exercises and healing techniques.
  • Community Support: Engage with a community of like-minded women on this shared journey in the VIP Soul Circle after you watch! 


  • Is this suitable for all levels? Absolutely! Whether you're new to elemental wisdom or well-versed in Astrology, this workshop welcomes you.
  • What if I have specific needs or questions? Indira Shaktiand the rest of Team KK are ready and waiting for you in the VIP Soul Circle community to answer any questions that come up for you. Even better? You can book 1:1 Astrology coaching with Indira to go even deeper! 
  • How long is the workshop? The video is around an hour, and the complementary journal prompts and exercises can take as much or as little time as you'd like to devote to them. 
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